Apple iPad 3G Goes On Sale

iPadThe more expensive version of, some would say, the hottest gadget in town has hit the market at 5 PM EST April 30.

The Apple iPad 3G has been released and there are some lines in stores to buy the gadget. The 3G version will cost an additional 130 USD compared to the wi-fi counterparts, thus it will range from $629 – $829.

The wi-fi version was launched last April 3. About half-a-million units were sold during the first week. The current demand for the iPad may have caused the delay in its international launch, which is now currently slated by the end of May.

Apple stores closed temporarily at 4 PM to have an hour preparation for the sale. Customers who made a pre-order will receive their units today but for those who will be ordering it online today will have to wait for a week before they can get their copies.

Meanwhile, AT&T has offered two plans to go with iPad. A $15 per month plan that allows 250MB iPad and a $30 per month unlimited data plan. They are month-to-month deals that can be dropped without penalty.