Apple Posts Quarter Record Sales

appleSo how much does Apple earned with all of the hype going on over its products, especially those of the tablet iPad and the current talk of the town, iPhone 4?

If you are one of those who bought any Apple product during the three months ending June 26, 2010, then you have contributed to the 15.7 billion dollar sales of the company. Their profit stands at 3.25 billion dollars. The figures are now quarter records for the company, which incidentally easily flew past expectations by analysts, including those from Wall Street.

The breakdown during that quarter? For iPad, the company sold 3.27 million units. This almost matched the 3.47 million Macintosh computers sold. For the iPhone, a whopping 8.4 million units, 1.7 million of which are iPhone 4 units. The iPhone sales rose 61% from the same quarter last year.

The only “sad” part in their sales is that of the iPod. The music player gadget sold 9.41 million units, which is down by 8% as there were 10.2 million units sold same period in 2009.

Apple is now expecting 18 billion dollars in revenue for their current fourth fiscal quarter which ends September.