Apple Removes 1000 Applications from One Developer

Molinker Inc. suddenly found that all of its more than 1000 applications have been removed from the App Store over allegations involved in a ratings

Apple removed the apps after it has received information that most of the software created by the Chinese developer have 5-star ratings. The reviewers who gave the 5-star were only reviewing apps developed  by Molinker. Each review were also similar to one another. It was suspected that the developers themselves were posting the high rating reviews to achieve higher rating average and to increase sales.

The Chinese developer caters to photography, travel and public transportation applications. They comprised about 1% of available apps.

Reader SCW suggested Apple to check the ratings of Molinker’s applications in a blog in iPhoneography. He addressed his concern to Phil Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President for Worldwide Product Marketing. Schiller immediately took action saying that they would look into the matter. Last Sunday, Schiller informed SCW that Molinker’s products have been removed from the app store.