Apple Secures iPad Trademark

Apple announced the iPad last January and they accepted pre-sales orders for the product this month. Apple will be releasing the device next week but they only secured the trademark for the product this

The trademark for iPad actually belongs to Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. Fujitsu acquired the trademark in 2003, two years after Apple released iPod. In Fujitsu’s trademark, iPad is “hand-held computing device for wireless networking in a retail environment.” It is part of the company’s point-of-sale and self-checkout systems projects for retail stores. (Fujitsu iPad product pictured)

It costs 2,000 US dollars. Apple’s trademark starts at 499 US dollars.

Records from the US Patent and Trademark Office show that the name was transferred from Fujitsu to Apple (other reports used the terms “assigned to Apple by Fujitsu).

This is not the first time that Apple had to go to legal disputes for a product name. In 2007, Apple had to settle an agreement with Cisco Systems Inc. for the iPhone trademark.