Apple Starts Pre-Orders for iPhone 4; Website Crashes Due to High Demand

iphone 4Apple starts pre-order for iPhone 4 June 15 in four countries, namely France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The latest upgrade to the popular smartphone will be coming with iOS 4 pre-installed. Those who will avail of the pre-order will have their units by release date itself which is on June 24. Japan will also start selling iPhone 4 on June 24.

Prices for the unlocked iPhone 4 (black only) in the UK are 499 pounds for the 16 GB (736 USD) and 599 pounds for the 32 GB (883 USD).

In the US, Wal-mart and Best Buy will be joining AT&T and Apple in selling the iPhone 4.

Owners of previous iPhone models and of iPod may start upgrading to the iOS 4 starting June 21. iPad owners will have to wait until fall.

Reports indicate that the website of Apple went down after a surge of would-be customers flocked the site. An error message keeps greeting those who tried to pre-order the gadget.