Apple to Hold a Surprise Press Conference

iphone 4The company who produced iPhone 4 made a surprise move Wednesday July 14 by calling for a press conference this coming Friday, July 16, probably to address the current problems regarding the latest upgrade of the popular smartphone.

Spokesman Steve Dowling made the announcement where he indicated that the conference will be conducted in the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. He declined to comment on what will be the issues to be tackled at the suddenly scheduled conference.

The users of iPhone 4 have been complaining that the phone drops reception and bandwidth when gripped in a certain way. The company responded that users should either hold the phone in a different way or buy a rubber bumper case which will prevent fingers making any contact with the exterior antenna of the phone. Then, Apple claimed that the problem is caused on how the phone displays signal bars which can be fixed using an upcoming software update.

Despite the situation the sales of iPhone 4 seems unaffected. It sold 1.7 million units in its first three days making it the fastest selling device in Apple’s history.

WATCH: Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Live