Apple Will Give Preview About iPhone OS 4.0 on April 8

Fresh from the launch of iPad, Apple is now preparing for a preview of the next version of the iPhone

The company sent out invitations to reporters and industry analysts Monday, April 5 for a “sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS Software”. A large number “4” is reported to be the background of the invitation.

The preview is set on Thursday, April 8.

Aside from announcing new features, Apple will also be releasing the software developer’s kit (SDK) for the new operating system.

Just like the release of every OS version, speculations on what the features will be are already spreading like wildfire. The most notable of these speculations is the ability to multitask. Currently only the iPod app can run simultaneously with another application.

Several other smartphone makers are already boasting of their upcoming models that have better multitasking capabilities when compared to the iPhone.

Other rumored features are GPS navigation, global mailbox, screen contacts, rotation locks, email attachments, contact and sms groups.

But hey, they are rumors, they are not yet guaranteed.