Appomattox Murderer Charged

The man who murdered eight people last Tuesday, January 19 in Appomattox, Virginia, has been charged with a single count of first degree murder. Further charges are pending.christopher-speight

Christopher Speight, 39, surrendered Wednesday morning after hiding from the authorities for one whole night. He is currently jailed, without bond, at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Lynchburg. He did not give any motives for the killings.

A search of his home revealed that he has stowed explosives. The authorities are detonating the devices.

The county school system will open two hours late than the usual opening hours to let teachers and guidance counselors prepare for grieving students. Three of the victims were teenagers.

Here are the names of the victims:

  • Ronald I. Scruggs II, 16
  • Emily A. Quarles, 15
  • Karen Quarles, 43
  • Jonathan L. Quarles, 43
  • Dwayne S. Sipe, 38
  • Lauralee Sipe, 38
  • Joshua Sipe, 4
  • Morgan L. Dobyns, 15