Are you prepared for the hurricane season?

hurricaneWe have all heard of people overdoing it when preparing for hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, it’s a lot more dangerous to under-do it. The hurricane season started in the beginning of June and ends in the end of November and you should definitely be prepared. Especially as 18 named storms could impact the coast areas before the end of the season.

While you can always do a bit more or a bit less, here’s a list of at least some things you should consider.

1. Be up-to-date. Sign up for a free weather alerts service like Allstate Alerts. You can do that at
2. Make sure you have a well documented list of your belongings. It can be as simple as a list of things on a paper, it can be digital version using a service such as Digital Locker provided by Allstate. Or you can simply take photos and/or videos of your belongings.
3. Evacuation route. If evacuation signal is given, make sure you know which road you should take to get out of town. It’s also good to have maps and/or GPS always handy.
4. You should have the contact information available for anything you might need. From local hospitals to American Red Cross and your property insurance agent.
5. Make sure you also have your car equipped (or ready to be equipped) with everything you might need. From jumper cables to flashlights, from first first aid kit to food and water, portable radio for traffic reports, shovel as well as warm clothes. Just in case.

All in one, you should always have a complete emergency plan done for when the unthinkable happens.



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