Argentina Same-Sex Marriage Approved

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Argentina. The Latin-American country’s senate approved the legislation after tense debates that lasted until the early hours of Thursday, making Argentina the first in the continent to allow same-sex marriage.

The law passed with 33 senators casting their support for the administration-backed legislation against 27 opposition and three abstentions. The senate passage follows the approval of the Lower House in May. President Cristina Fernandez, who was not in the country when the law was approved, had been vocal of her support for the legislation, saying that the Argentine Catholic Church’s use of such phrases as “God’s war” and “the devil’s project” was reminiscent of the Inquisition.

Aside from legalizing same-sex marriage, the new law also allows gay and lesbian couples to legally adopt. Prior to the law’s approval, civil union was already allowed in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires and some provinces. However, this is the first time that such unions will be recognized across the nation.