Arrest Warrant Issued for WikiLeaks Founder

Julian AssangeWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a wanted man. A court in Sweden issued on Thursday an arrest warrant for the elusive founder of the whistle-blowing website in connection to rape and molestation charges filed against him earlier this year.

The Stockholm Criminal Court issued the warrant on the request of Swedish director of prosecutions Marianne Ny and after it found probable cause. The warrant empowers all Swedish authorities to arrest Assange anywhere in the world. According to Ny, he requested the warrant in order to force Assange to answer the allegations against him. “The background is that he has to be heard in this investigation and we haven’t been able to get a hold of him to question him,” Ny said.

Court documents show that the charges are related to several incidents that occured in August this year while Assange was in the country. Assange is charged with rape and sexual molestation in connection to an August 17 incident in the municipality of Enkoping. He is also facing other charges of molestation allgedly committed between August 13 and 18. However, Assange’s lawyer said his client is innocent, adding that the charges stemmed from consensual sexual relationships that the WikiLeaks founder had with two women.