Artie Lange kills Joe Buck show after one episode

ArtielangesitComedian Artie Lange goes on a wild tirade of inappropriate jokes and off-color humor over the pilot episode of HBO’s Joe Buck Live.

Lange used Buck and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in several homophobic and sexually-oriented jokes, and even implied that Jessica Simpson was a ┬áChris Farley-lookalike fat girl. Lange also went on even more violent snaps on the show’s overtime segment, viewable only over the internet.

Joe Buck was reported as thanking Lange for putting an end on his show all on day one. HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg thought that Lange’s actions were out of line, but succinctly conceded that they were aware of the risks when they invited Lange to appear on the show.

USA Today reports Greenburg as saying, “We know who Artie Lange was when he was booked. We knew there was a certain degree of a risk factor in where he would go and where he would take us.”