Ash Cloud Shuts Down Spanish Airports

Ash cloud blowing from a volcano in Iceland has struck again, this time forcing Spanish aviation authorities to stop operations at 19 airports across the country’s northern part. The Spanish government announced on Saturday the cancellation of more than 400 flights, including those flying out of Barcelona.

The cancellation, which has stranded some 40,000 people at airports, would last until early morning on Sunday. Flights, however, will be resumed gradually to prevent air traffic congestion. The government is providing extra trains, buses, and boats to help passengers get alternative routes towards their destinations.

Aviation authorities said there is a possibility that the ash could linger until next week, but the government has already put contingency plans in place. A large area of European airspace was closed last month due to ash cloud, stranding millions of people at airports and causing airlines to lose over a billion dollars in potential revenue. The ash cloud comes from Iceland’s active volcano, Eyjafjallajokull.