AT&T Will Directly Sell iPad to Business Sector Ahead of BlackBerry Playbook

250px-IPad-02The competition is on the way of heating up.

AT&T has announced that they will directly market the Apple iPad to the business sector to whet their appetite for tablet computers and their wireless applications. The attempt will play ahead of the plan by Research in Motion (RIM) who will sell their upcoming tablet computer, the Playbook, to the business sector, its main market, sometime early 2011.

“Our relationship with businesses and pricing are usually commensurate with the size and the volume of the business they do with us,” said Michael Antieri of AT&T. The plan will be the first attempt to make the iPad as a business tool.

RIM’s BlackBerry mobile phones are a major force in the corporate market.

Meanwhile, carriers in the United States are currently gearing up in the upcoming release of another tablet computer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, sometime on November 15. It will be using the Android operating system.

AT&T will be offering the iPad to the businesses with a discounted wireless data pricing plan.