Audi skis are so fly

Audi Carbon Fiber Ski

Porsche cellphones, Ferrari laptops, BMW cruise bikes…and now Audi has joined the bandwagon with a slick pair of carbon fiber skis. They’re designed and developed by folks at Audi’s Concept Design Munich studio, who collaborated with ski manufacturer Head. Just by looking at the design, you can tell that it’s a pretty sweet ride.

The skis have a wooden core, with layers of aluminum and titanium, topped off with carbon, which allows them to be maneuverable and agile. Weighing 1,550 grams, with a ski length of 170 cm, the prototypes are 200 grams lighter than comparable models.

Consumers could be able to buy themselves a pair at the end of the year and I’m guessing they’ll be quite expensive. Designboom has more information and pictures.