Australian Camels Attacking Town Ordered To Be Killed

The thousands of camels attacking a Northern Territory, Australia town were ordered to be rounded up and be killed out of town where they will be left dead. An animal rights group is contesting the decision.Australia Thirsty Camels

The 350 residents of Docker River are being besieged by about 6000 camels for some weeks now. The animals were looking for water as an effect by an ongoing drought. They have been trampling fences, destroying water tanks, even taking water from air conditioning units.

The plan is to herd the camels by helicopters nine miles out of town into the desert. They will be shot from the air and they will leave the animals where they fell to decay. The move, as a local official have said, is an urgent action since the situation is highly unusual and getting out of control.

An advocacy group, Animals Australia, criticized that the plan is barbaric and called for to instead focus the attention in building barriers to keep the camels out of the town.