Australia’s Newest Political Party: The Sex Party


Australia’s Sex Party has been officially registered by the Australian Electoral Commission following a number of objections from members of the public.

The approval means the party could receive government funds to help in election campaigns.

Fiona Patten, the party’s convenor, said the recognition was proof the AEC cared about free speech “and the democratic rights of various groups in the community”.

“One of the reasons for establishing the party was to provide a positive platform for sexual issues amongst the negative notions of sex that most politicians and political parties have,” Patten said in a statement on the party’s official website.

“The fact that the AEC spent so much time considering the word ‘sex’ further exhibits our need for honest and open discussion about sexual matters – be they censorship, education, health or discrimination ones”.

Patten said that now the registration process was complete, the party would turn its head to a developing a wide-ranging platform and a detailed policy suite.