Austrian President Fischer Re-Elected for a New 6-Year Term

Heinz-Fischer-President-AustriaThe incumbent President of Austria has been given a fresh mandate after winning national elections Sunday, April 25.

Heinz Fischer was given a new six year term after grabbing 79% majority of the votes, enough to eliminate the possibility of a second ballot.

A President of Austria can run for another term (once only). Historically, no incumbent who bid for a second term ever lost.

The result stands thus:

  • Heinz Fischer of Social Democratic Party (though nominally independent) at 79%
  • Barbara Rosenkranz of Freedom Party at 16%
  • Rudolf Gehring of Christian Party of Austria at 5%

The voter turn out is at 49.17%. This is considered low when compared to the 71.60% turnout when Fischer first won in 2004. It was perceived that many Austrians did not go out to vote as it was hugely anticipated during the campaign period that Fischer would win by a landslide.

“I am extremely happy and thank the Austrian population for having so much confidence in me,” Fischer said after his win.

Fischer is the eighth Federal President of the Second Austrian Republic and the eleventh president overall.