Authentic Copy of Schindler’s List for Sale

A New York-based dealer of historical documents is selling an original copy of the so-called Schindler’s List, which saved more than 1000 Jews from being sent to Nazi death camps in 1945. Gary Zimet said he is selling the list, one of only four remaining copies in the world, for $2.2 million through his Web site

Zimet revealed that he got the 13-page copy of the famous document from the family of Itzhak Stern, who helped Oskar Schindler compile the list. Schindler, a German businessman, employed those included in the list in his factories to prevent the Nazi regime from sending them to concentration camps, where millions of Jews died in what is now known as the Holocaust.

Zimet said he expects private collectors to be the most enthusiastic buyers of the coveted list, as “museums are all broke” these days. Schindler’s story became known to the whole world after Steven Spielberg made an Oscar-winning film about the list in 1993.