Authorities Searching For Man Selling His Son

CraigslistAuthorities are trying to track down a man named Rick Obelophy for attempting to sell his son at Craigslist for 5000 dollars last month.

A woman reported the advertisement to authorities out of concern.

Obelophy said that he couldn’t take care anymore of four year old son Gavin. He claimed that the mother is out of the picture and his parents have not talked to him ever since he had the baby.

He then described Gavin as someone who likes playing sport like basketball, football and soccer but does not like playing cars. Gavin also does not like eating vegetables and may scream for hours some of the time.

The man further stated that it pains him to do it but he has no option but to find a good family for his son. He clarified, however, that he must meet potential parents first and would not simply hand him over. This is to help him determine if they are fit to take care of Gavin.

It is not yet known if the advertisement is real or if it was posted as a prank as officials cannot find a person named Rick Obelophy.