Avatar Breaks North American Home Video Record

Tired of learning that Avatar is breaking records left and right? Well, the movie is not yet finished.avatar-blu-ray-cover

After four days of DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie it has already broken the record for fastest selling home entertainment release of all time in North America.

Since April 22, Earth Day, the DVD sales are already at 4 million while the Blu-ray count is at 2.7 million. The combined 6.7 million sales are worth 130 million dollars. That is enough to surpass the record posted by The Dark Knight in 2008.

It also set the record for highest number of Blu-ray (on its own) sales in North America.

The video release will hit the United Kingdom Monday, April 26.

The movie currently stands at 2.7 billion dollars in worldwide sales.

It has been announced that it will be re-released this summer with additional 7 minute footage. A sequel has already been confirmed and it will focus on the oceans of the moon Pandora.