Avatar DVD to be Released on Earth Day – April 22

The newly crowned highest grossing film of all time is coming to your homes on a day that befits the movie’s plot. avatar-flim

Avatar will be released in DVD and Blu-Ray on Earth Day, which is on April 22. Producers think that it just makes sense to honor that day with the film’s debut to the small screen.

However, it will be in 2D format. The disc will also be featuring just the film. Yup, no other added features. The studio and director James Cameron wants the home version to have all of the digital and sound effects, which takes up lots of space.

The multi-disc edition will be coming to the stores in November. The 3D version will be sold next year when there are more homes with 3D television sets.

Could Avatar also break DVD records just like it did with in the big screen? The fastest selling DVD of all time, The Dark Knight, sold three million units on its first day in December 2008.