Avatar is the new highest grossing movie ever!

avatar higest grossing movie ever

Avatar has beaten Titanic‘s record as the all-time highest grossing movie. The story of the blue colored Na’vi people in the planet of Pandora sunk the Titanic love story of Jack and Kate. Both of the movies though was directed by James Cameron.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Avatar already earned $1.292 billion worldwide, overtaking Titanic’s 13 years reign by $50.1 million.

While Titanic is not the top grossing film worldwide anymore, it still remains the top grossing film in the U.S. with 600.8 million against Avatar’s 551.7 million.

The big factor in Avatar’s success is that it’s being shown in 3D worldwide where theaters charge the viewers with higher ticket rates, not to mention watching a movie 13 years ago is cheaper compared today.

Video: Avatar Passes Titanic Record
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