“Avatar” Theme Park to Rise in Disney Orlando

People who want to experience life in James Cameron’s fictional moon of Pandora will have the opportunity to do so in about eight years by visiting Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Cameron said in a statement that he has entered into an agreement with Disney and News Corp’s Fox Filmed Entertainment to recreate the “Avatar” world inside the sprawling Disney World in Orlando. “Our goal is to go beyond current boundaries of technical innovation and experiential storytelling, and give park-goers the chance to see, hear and touch the world of ‘Avatar’ with an unprecedented sense of reality,” Cameron said, according to Reuters.

The construction of the ambitious project, which would reportedly cost about $400 million, will begin in 2013 and could be finished in five years. This early the people behind the project are already thinking of bringing the “Avatar” world to other Disney locations. “We think we can clearly leverage the global interest in this property,” Disney chief executive Bob Iger said.