Baby Dances to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’


Beyonce‘s Single Ladies may have lost the Best Female Video award to Taylor Swift‘s You Belong With Me at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (Kanye West making a fool of himself, anyone?), but the popular dance video most definitely have won the heart of an adorable baby boy, as seen in a new YouTube video.

In the now viral video, the terpsichorean toddler, 20-month-old Cory Elliott of New Zealand, dances and bounces in front of a television set showing Beyonce’s rhythmically exciting music video, while his father Chester Elliott laughs behind the camera, clearly amused by his son’s moves.

“We were just flipping the channels and he saw it, stopped, went over and just started dancing,” the proud dad told TODAY. “That [song] was his favorite. He just started to dance with that one. It struck a chord. We just happened to have a camera with us.”

Watch Cory’s fantastic interpretation of Single Ladies now: