Backslash Backslash – A Mistake by Sir Tim

sir tim berners-lee photo

Did you know that great inventors often make mistakes? One example of that is the world wide web. I am not talking about the internet as a whole because it is definitely not a mistake but a smashing success. What I am talking about is the structure of the URL (Universal Resource Locator) or the web address that you type in the address box of a web browser. According to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, the “//” in “http://” is useless and just adds to the clutter!

“Really, if you think about it, it turns out you really you don’t need the slash, slash. I could have designed it without the slash, slash. Boy, now people on the radio are calling it “backslash backslash” “, he joked.

Think about the amount of time and space saved if the 2 backslashes were not there. Though it might seem small, it would be significant in the long run. Today, web browsers automatically append the “http://” if we do not type it so this is not much of a story. But if we were to turn back time, this would be the one thing Sir Tim would change.