BADA: Samsung’s open mobile platform


Samsung announced it’s new open mobile platform, Bada!

The name bada [ba-da] (which means ‘ocean’ in Korean) was chosen to convey the limitless variety of potential applications which can be created using the new platform. It also alludes to Samsung’s commitment to a variety of open platforms in the mobile industry.

According to the official announcement, bada will offer developers an easier way to create applications for “millions of new Samsung” phones while providing consumers with “a fun and diverse mobile experience.”

Samsung says the new platform will be simple for developers to use, “it’s one of the most developer-friendly environments available, particularly in the area of applications using Web services” and will allow said developers to include more sophisticated and attractive UI” designs for their apps.

Bada will roll out this coming December and Samsung is planning to host an official launch event in London where it will also unveil its bada software development kit (SDK) to developers for the first time on this date.

Bada’s official website went live today! Check it out here