Bahia emerald recovered

bahia-emeraldThe Bahia Emerald, an 850 pound emerald worth about as musch as $370 Million was recovered and now is in Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department.

The Bahia Emerald was reported to be stolen in September from a secured vault in South El Monte, L.A. Lt. Thomas Grubb, the LA Sheriff said that the report was made by the so-called owner of the “850-pounder” rock.

Detective work traced the Brazilian stone to a Las Vegas, Nevada, warehouse, where the person in possession claimed to be the rightful owner, Grubb said.

Who owns the rock?

Federal court papers showed the emerald has been at the center of a dispute between a California man who claimed ownership, a company he contracted with to sell it, and a potential buyer.

The judge holding the case decided to let the sheriff take care of the emerald until he figures out who the real owner is.

The value of the emerald is still unclear but Grubb said that it had been appraised at $370 Million. The item was also listed on eBay for $75 million.
(image: CNN)