Bahrain Arrests Opposition Figures

Bahrain‘s monarchy continued to crackdown on protesters, arresting several opposition leaders on Thursday as the volatile situation in the Gulf kingdom continued to worsen.

The arrests came a day after a clash between protesters and government forces led to the death of at least six people. Among those arrested was Hassan Mushaima, the secretary-general of the opposition party Haq Movement, which is pushing for more democratic rights in the tiny Gulf state controlled by the Al-Khalifa monarchy. “Significant members of the opposition were arrested overnight, including some prominent activists. Soldiers broke into the houses of these figures early in the morning and made these arrests,” an Al-Jazeera correspondent said.

The crackdown, including Wednesday’s deadly clash at The Pearl Roundabout that led to the deaths, followed King Hamad ibn Isa Al-Khalifa’s declaration of a state of emergency, which put the entire country under martial law. Earlier, Saudi Arabia sent hundreds of troops to assist their Bahraini counterparts in quelling the uprising. The crackdown has caught the attention of the U.S. government, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton describing the developing situation in Bahrain as “alarming.” Clinton also warned Bahrain that it was moving “on the wrong track” by using violence.