Bali Bomber Killed in Shootout

One of Indonesia’s most wanted terrorists has been killed in a firefight with police officers. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono personally confirmed that Jemaah Islamiah member Dulmatin was killed after shooting it out with police. Dulmatin was the primary suspect in several bombings on Bali Island in 2002. The bombings killed 202 mostly foreign tourists.

Dulmatin’s death is considered a major victory for Indonesia, which has been trying to shed its image as a haven for terrorists in Southeast Asia. The successful operation comes less than two weeks before U.S. President Barack Obama visits the country on March 20. The U.S. had placed a $ 10 million reward for Dulmatin’s arrest.

Indonesia’s counterterrorism team has been hunting down militants after getting intelligence reports that terrorists were planning to set up a training camp in Aceh province. Police were able to arrest 21 people in several raids in province. Indonesian authorities have arrested close to 450 suspected terrorists since the 2002 Bali attacks. Three other suspects in the Bali bombings were executed by firing squad in 2008.