Bangladesh beggars to be paid during Cricket World Cup

Bangladesh Beggars to be Paid During Cricket World Cup

A southeastern city in Bangladesh will clear its beggars from the streets in time for the 2011 Cricket World Cup, according to a report from the BBC. This will be Bangladesh’s first time co-hosting the event, and local authorities say they are willing to pay some 300 disabled beggars up to $2 (£1.20) a day just to keep them off the streets.

“We have taken the initiative to rehabilitate the beggars and we are going to expedite it ahead of the Cricket World Cup so that they do not disturb the tourists and spectators, Chittagong mayor Mansur Alam said.

I have unfortunately never seen a live cricket match, so it’s naturally included on my ‘Bucket List’ since I am a sports enthusiast. The World Cup seems like such the right time, but going to a game these days costs a ridiculous amount of money. Is there anyone out there who is willing to sponsor my trip?