Bar Refaeli: SI 2009 Swimsuit Issue (VIDEO)


Bar Refaeli graces the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2009 Swimsuit Issue and here’s a snippet of what the 23-year-old Israeli model had to say:

In all honesty, is modeling really that hard?

In all honesty…very! It involves a lot of traveling, so I am basically on planes half of the time, and when I am on the ground I am so jet lagged that it is hard to keep up. Being away from my family and friends is also very difficult for me because I am very close to them, but the other side of the coin is very positive. I get to travel, see the world, meet people and be independent. I feel blessed.

What makes you feel sexy?

I definitely feel sexy being on the SI shoot. The team is the best. They have the best hair and makeup team, who always do such a great job. It is something that will make any girl feel sexy! All the crew, they make the models feel so good about themselves, so confident, so sexy it shows in the pictures, I think.

How much attention do you pay to nutrition and exercise, or is it all natural?

Well, I love food and I love feeling healthy so I do try to pay attention to nutrition, I think I am pretty good at it, but at least once a week I will have fries and a burger! Regarding exercise, I workout when I have time, but I usually don’t. Right now, I am answering these questions after a workout because I just took two weeks with no work, so I have the spare time.

The world’s hottest athlete is…
Freddie Ljungberg

Do real guys have a shot?

All the guys I had ever dated were real, so yes, real guys have a shot.

Bar Refaeli: Sports Illustrated 2009 Swimsuit Issue (Behind the Scenes)