Barack Obama sits down with Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters had an hour-long interview with President-elect Barack Obama. The dialogue covered a broad range of topics. From economic strategy to responsibilities the Obama girls will be expected to carry out while living in D.C.

barbara walters special

In a talk that aired on Wednesday, “The View” host asked the Obamas to adopt a pooch similar to her Havanese dog Cha Cha.

Obama also revealed that he is trying to talk with the Secret Service to allow him to keep his BlackBerry. They fear that hackers could break into his phone and that would be harmful to national security.

“I’m negotiating to figure out how I can get information from outside the 10 or 12 people who surround my office in the White House. Because one of the worst things I think that could happen to a President is losing touch with what people are going through day to day.”

He also stated that he thinks bank executives should forgo their Christmas bonuses as “an example of taking responsibility.”

“I think that if you are already worth tens of millions of dollars, and you are having to lay off workers, the least you can do is say, ‘I’m willing to make some sacrifice as well, because I recognize that there are people who are a lot less well off, who are going through some pretty tough times.”

Watch some parts of the interview below.

We just can’t get enough of the Obamas.

Photo: Defamer