Barnes and Noble Nook Gets an Update

Nook, the most popular electronic reader before the iPad, is getting an update to bolster itself into competition.nook-barnes-and-noble-ereader

New features included in update version 1.3 are the “Read in Store”, a web browser and games.

The Read in Store will allow Nook users to browse the library of electronic books for free at any Barnes & Noble outlet. The entire full copy of a book being checked by the user will be accessible for an hour per day.

A beta version of a web browser will be available now to the users. Android-based games such as Sudoku and chess will also be included.

Users are also advised that faster page turning will also be added.

Barnes & Noble is in competition against with its Kindle gadget and Apple’s iPad. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are studying to have deals with Target, Best Buy and other retailers to position themselves better in sales competition.