Barnes & Noble Unveils Nook Color

nook colorThe largest book retailer in the United States unveiled the upgrade to its electronic reader device Tuesday, October 26, in the hopes of setting it apart from its competitors.

Barnes & Noble (B&N) released Nook Color, an upgrade to the Nook that was released last year. The 7-inch color screen device will become available on November 19 at a tag price of $249. Pre-orders are already being accepted.

The Nook Color has built-in Wi-Fi but no 3G support. It will run on Android. B&N said that the new device is “a hybrid tablet and e-reader device” which explains the announcement of a plan to launch a Nook Developer program which will allow for third-party Android apps for the Nook. Facebook and Twitter are now included in the Nook software.

B&N is hoping that Nook Color will be set apart from other electronic devices, such as the Amazon Kindle, which is in black and white.

The issue with Nook Color is its battery life. When comparing with the original Nook (Wi-Fi settings off), Nook Color lasts for eight hours, a big reduction to the 10 hours of the original Nook.