Bath Salts: The New Scourge of Drug Enforcers

Drug enforcers in the U.S. are in a predicament due to the rising popularity of what is being billed as the “legal” designer drug, bath salts.

Bath salts have become the latest drug craze in the U.S., and law enforcers are at their wit’s end because the supposed-to-be-harmless product can easily be acquired through the Internet and some convenience stores. The worst thing, bath salts are generally legal, although some U.S. states have banned the product in an effort to curb the ever increasing use of the now-considered synthetic drug.

When smoked, inhaled, or injected, bath salts’s effects are worse than that of all most known drugs combined. According to reports, bath salts can cause psychosis, violence, and agitation. Doctors say people high on bath salts are usually very hard to contain when brought to emergency rooms, with some patients needing a shot of general anesthesia to calm down.

Bath salts have already caused several deaths in the U.S., including an Indiana man who reportedly jumped to the street from a flagpole.