Beatbox Battle Online World Champion 2009


The annual Beatbox Battle World Championship gets underway in Berlin, Germany on May 28. This year’s winner will be crowned on May 31.

In the meantime, watch the BBWC‘s (Beatbox Battle Online World Championship) wildcard competition winner, Julia Dales.

Julia Dales is a 17-year-old female artist from Canada who won the official competition on YouTube.

Here’s the list of wildcard winners:
1st Place: Julia Dales – Canada
2nd Place: Primitiv – Belgium
3rd Place: D-9 – Norway
4th Place: Lytos – Spain
5th Place: The Beatbox Hitman – USA

Watch Julia Dales:

I think she’s pretty good for a girl beatboxer.

You can watch other videos here.

[image via BBWC]

UPDATE: Winners of the Beatbox Battle Online World Championship 2009
Beatbox Battle World Championship 2009 in Berlin

Advancement Class
1. Ze De (Switzerland)
2. Vahtang (Russia)

Female Battle
1. Bellatrix (England)
2. Steff la Cheffe (Switzerland)

Team Battle
1. Under Kontrol (France)
2. Beatburger Band (Czech Republic)

Video: Advancement Class Finale – ZeDe vs Vahtang

Congratulations to all winners!