Beatles fans flock to Abbey Road for 40th anniversary


Hundreds of Beatles fans gathered at London’s Abbey Road on Saturday to mark the 40th anniversary of the famous album cover that has created the area’s traffic problems of today.

The crowds celebrated the occasion by singing some of the Fab Four’s famous hits as they jammed the two-lane street around the zebra crossing in the well-heeled Saint John’s Wood neighborhood.

The iconic shot was taken by Scottish photographer Iain Macmillan at 11:35 a.m. on August 8, 1969. It features John Lennon in a white suit and a barefoot Paul McCartney.

40th Anniversary Of Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover Shoot 40th Anniversary Marked Of Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover

Beatles enthusiasts have drawn different conclusions from the fact that Macca is the only one in bare feet and out of step with his bandmates.

Abbey Road remains one of music’s best-known album covers, endlessly imitated and parodied. Ever since the image appeared on the front of their album, the crossing has become a place of pilgrimage.