Beck’s new album will only be available as sheet music

Beck New Album Song Reader

Beck fans rejoice! Or should I say, Beck fans who know how to read sheet music rejoice!

The 42-year-old singer-songwriter has a new album coming out, but it will not be released on CD, MP3, vinyl, or cassette – but as a book of sheet music, and you’ll have to literally play the songs yourself before hearing a note.

From Beck Hansen’s website:

“The songs here are as unfailingly exciting as you’d expect from their author, but if you want to hear “Do We? We Do,” or “Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard,” bringing them to life depends on you.”

Oh, and in case you’re guitar playing and sheet music reading skills aren’t that good, fret not. A group of select artists will be working up renditions of the songs and posting them on McSweeney’s site, which happens to be publishing the 20-track collection.

Song Reader,” which is planned for release in December 2012, will also include a hardcover case and more than 100 pages of illustrations from an array of visual artists such as Marcel Dzama and Leanne Shapton.