Beiber seen cruising on P. Diddy’s Lamborghini

It looks like P. Diddy is a man of words.

Singing heartthrob Justin Beiber is reportedly seen cruising around L.A., Monday morning, on P. Diddy‘s white Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The car, which is reportedly worth $200,000, is the fulfillment of a  promise made by Diddy that he will give his car to Beiber as a gift when he reaches his sixteenth birthday.

Beiber had just received his driver’s license four months ago. As is required by U.S. law, he is prohibited from taking a passenger for six months.

This report is somewhat in contradiction to Beiber’s previous statement last March when he quipped to People magazine: “…we all know Diddy’s not going to give me his Lamborghini, he’s all talk.”

Recently, Diddy was also criticized for giving his son Justin Dior $360,000 for his sixteenth birthday.