Belgium Music Festival Disaster: 5 Killed as Storm Wreaks Havoc

Belgium’s annual Pukkelpop music festival was promptly cancelled on Friday, a day after a storm swept the open-air venue and caused a scaffolding to fall on concertgoers, killing at least five of them and leaving around 140 others injured.

The tragedy struck as popular English band Skunk Anansie was performing on the main stage. According to reports, a quick thunderstorm caused tents to fold after their posts were toppled by the gust. The scaffolding for the main stage was also felled and crashed onto the ground. Festival goers said the tragedy happened very fast they barely had time to react. “We were dancing away and it (the shelter) caved in in the middle and people were screaming and running away,” a concertgoer reportedly told the Associated Press Television News.

Skunk Anansie singer Skin, or Deborah Anne Dyer, described the day as “the scariest moment” she’s witnessed in her long career. “This was the scariest moment I have ever seen or felt in my 20 years of being an artist,” the 44-year-old musician said in her Facebook page. “(A) tower fell onto our truck, we had to run for our lives mid-set as hail hit the stage and the wind began to tear it to pieces.”

The Belgium disaster was eerily similar to what occurred half a world away on Saturday in Indianapolis when five people were killed after strong wind caused a stage to collapse at the Indiana State Fair.