Bernard Hopkins: I Will Beat Roy Jones Jr.

If the verbal exchanges between Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. are any indication, boxing fans could expect some fireworks when the two grizzled veterans face-off in a belated rematch of their May 1993 fight.

Hopkins, who insists that Jones had dodged him all this time, is confident that his long-awaited revenge will happen on Saturday in Las Vegas, saying the issue between him and his opponent has become personal. “It’s definitely personal. I helped start his legacy and I’m going to end it.” Hopkins believes that Jones refused to fight him again after 1993 because “I got better and he didn’t.”

On the other hand, Jones, whose unanimous decision victory against Hopkins in 1993 allowed him to capture the IBF middleweight crown, insists that it is his opponent who has been avoiding him all these years. “He wasn’t going to fight me until he thought I was done. Now he feels like I’m done, so he’ll fight me now.”

Both fighters are in the twilight of their careers, although Hopkins has won his last two fights while Jones has dropped five of his last ten, including a first-round knockout loss to relative unknown Danny Green in December last year.