Betty Ford Dies at 93

Betty Ford, the outspoken former first lady whose recovery from drug and alcohol addiction became an inspiration to others, passed away on Friday. She was 93.

Marty Allen, chairman emeritus of Ford Foundation, confirmed Ford’s death, which came over four years since her husband, former President Gerald Ford, passed away also at the age of 93. Ford, a breast cancer survivor, was saddled by health problems over the past years, and underwent surgeries in 2006 and 2007.

Aside from being a first lady, Ford was also known for being candid and outspoken. During her husband’s incumbency, Ford openly talked about things that no first lady before her, and after her, would even dare to mention. Over a year after President Ford left office, the former first lady shocked the U.S. and the world by admitting that she was an alcoholic with a long dependence on painkillers. She was able to overcome her addictions, and later in her life established the Betty Ford Center, which has since helped many drug and alcohol dependents get their lives back.