Beyonce performs private show for Colonel Gaddafi’s son (photos)


Beyonce has found herself at the center of a major uproar after accepting a reported $2 million for performing at Mutasim-Billah Gaddafi’s private bash. And now, the first pictures of the scantily-clad diva singing and grinding for the son of the controversial Libyan leader have been exposed (photos here).

A drunken Gaddafi was spotted leering at the 28-year-old singer as she gyrated in a sexy black leotard for her hour-long gig at Nikki Beach on the Caribbean island of St. Barts.

Usher also took the stage, with Jon Bon Jovi, Lindsay Lohan and Russell Simmons. Also in the audience was Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z.

The New Year’s Eve party sparked controversy for some reasons. First, Mutasim-Billah’s brother has a history of alleged violence to women. Critics say that performing at the gig goes against Beyoncé’s image as a positive role model.

Second, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi himself admitted Libya’s responsibility for bringing down Pan Am Flight 103, which crashed over Lockerbie in 1988, killing almost 300 people.

This may trash Beyonce’s reputation. The former Destiny’s Child singer doesn’t need the money anyway. She and Jay-Z have just been named Hollywood’s highest-earning couple.