Beyonce’s Baby Blue Ivy: New Paparazzi Target

The hunt is on. That is, for the pictures of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s newborn baby Blue Ivy Carter.

This early, celebrity photographers all over the world are scampering all over the place to get probably the hottest photography subject or subjects these days – baby Blue and her famous parents. According to Gary Morgan of Splash! Photo agency, global rights for Blue and her parents could fetch up to half a million dollars. “If it’s the picture everyone wants, which is Beyoncé and Jay-Z together with their baby enjoying her for the first time, and it’s exclusive, it could be well over $100,000 for first rights in the U.S., and up to half a million for global rights depending on how long it’s exclusive,” Morgan said according to USA Today.

Interest in Blue is very high because her parents are very private despite their superstar status. “They’re very discrete,” Janice Min of Hollywood Reported said. “They don’t walk red carpets together. They don’t talk about each other much in interviews. The mystery of who they are and how they live their lives propels interest in their child.”