bgC3: Bill Gates got himself a new company

We all know that Bill Gates waved goodbye at Microsoft and passed his thrown to Steve Ballmer as CEO just few months ago. But our old man can’t get his butt off the office. He was quietly creating a new venture called bgC3.

The company was originally called Carillon Holdings and was established on March 2008. The bgC3 name came up just this July, a few days after he left the top spot at Microsoft.

Do Gates have a plan for this company to be the next big thing in tech world?
Well quoting from Todd Bishop’s post on TechFlash, the answer is NO!

“A Gates insider gives an emphatic no — saying it’s not a commercial venture but rather a vehicle to coordinate the software mogul’s work on his business and philanthropic endeavors.”

Public documents describe the new Gates entity — bgC3 LLC — as a “think tank.” Its headquarters is at Kirkland just near Gates’ home in Lake Washington.

It’s not clear for now what will be the roll of the company and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will create new companies. At the moment it’s classified under broad areas that include “scientific and technological services”, “industrial analysis and research”, and “design and development of computer hardware and software.”

The bgC3 logo is an intertwined C and a 3 obviously. What does C3 means? The BG is Bill Gates of course. The C3, according to assumptions is Company 3 because it is Bill Gates 3rd Company after Microsoft and the Gates Foundation. The bgC3 name doesn’t have an appeal for me and it sucks! The logo? Sucks even more! Maybe Gates created it using his very own MS Paint.

Since the company is just a baby for now, we will still be hearing and reading more about this bgC3 thing in the next coming weeks and might come up with a more appealing logo.