Big Bird Google Doodle

Big Bird appeared on Google homepage! It’s the latest Google doodle.

See the screen grab of Google’s Big Bird doodle: (It’s gone as of this moment)


Big Bird’s legs were on the homepage of Google because Sesame Street’s 40th birthday is underway. It will take place on November 10th.

Executive Producer Carol-Lynn Parente said in a statement that Sesame Street is promising to celebrate the anniversary with some changes.

“When you turn on your TV on November 10”, “you’ll see a brand-new and spectacularly beautiful opening sequence. We’re also launching an entirely new format for the show — the magazine format of Sesame Street, which has been evolving over the years, has been officially replaced with what we’re calling a ‘block’ format. And it’s just wonderful.”

But why Big Bird? It could have been Erni, Bert, Hermit, or Cookie Monster.