Big bucks await prospective Iraq bodyguards


Organizations that recruited interested civilians to potentially serve as bodyguards in Iraq have started to crop up, promising a hefty salary, following the deaths of two Britons that served a similar job in Iraq. Prospectives were aware that they faced the risks of kidnap or even death, but the lure of huge sums of money still manage to lure them in.

An ex-soldier reports that he expects to be paid 80,000 pounds per year, but expects to consume only 300 of these every three months. He also reiterates that the group that is hiring him has very stringent operations and requirements, and demand past military training and/or experience.

The ex-soldier says that he works about three months in the UK, and four or five in Iraq. The corresponding pay has allowed him to buy a sportscar in cash, and to get rid of all his mortgage.

However, he does point out that a lot of the prospectives that are hunted by these groups wouldn’t be of much use in Iraq, due to lack of proper training and experience.