Bikini-clad Baristas Irks City Councilor

aurora, coloradoAnyone who would want to be served of coffee by a bikini-clad barista, please raise your hands.

A coffee shop in Aurora City, Colorado is having its female baristas wear bikini to entice customers to buy.

The Aurora Sentinel reports that Perky Cups at 12101 E. Iliff Avenue is causing headaches to city councilwoman Molly Markert. She is calling for an economic boycott for the coffee shop and all the stores surrounding it.

Markert sent a letter to the store property manager saying, “There is nothing per se illegal about the antics he insists on forcing on the neighborhood. When one of his employees is raped and murdered we will all mourn the loss. In the meantime, we pledged together to not shop or frequent any of the shops in that (shopping center) until the outside parades cease permanently.”

Meanwhile, storeowner Jason Bernal replied, “That’s out of line. We’re just a coffee shop, we do nothing illegal here.”

This is not the first time that the store was in the center of a controversy. Last March, a 10-foot by 20-foot sign featuring a woman in a bikini was used as advertisement of the store.

Perky Cups has complied with all city ordinances and has a health certification.

Owners of adjacent shops said that the economic boycott is too rash and are worried in the effect that it will bring in their sales.