Bin Laden issues audio message to Europeans


Another audio of Osama bin Laden is doing the rounds on the internet. According to a report from CNN, the al-Qaeda chief has called on European nations to end their alliance with the “gang of criminals in Washington” and withdraw their forces from Afghanistan.

“It won’t be long until the dust of war clears in Afghanistan, at which point you won’t find a trace of any American,” bin Laden said in Arabic in a brief message.

“You are aware that oppression topples those who commit it and injustice has unhealthy consequences for the unjust, and that one of the greatest forms of injustice is to kill people without right, yet this is exactly what your governments and soldiers are committing under the umbrella of the NATO alliance in Afghanistan,” he stated, subtitled in both English and German.

The tape, released by Al-Sahab Media productions, is an apparent attempt to influence this Sunday’s election in Germany.

However, the authenticity of the message could not immediately be verified. It was contained in a video posted on Jihadist websites on Friday—showing only a still image of the terrorist.